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Chore Pad Features

Feature-packed, engaging and fun chore charts. Chore Pad is easy for families to use and powerful enough for teachers to use in their classroom.

Beautiful Chore Charts

Weekly chore charts have been around since the discovery of fire (source?), but they've always been lacking. Who wants to spend time each week drafting up a new copy of a chore chart for each child? How engaging can a static sheet of paper really be?

Chore Pad rejuvenates the chore chart concept by sprinkling it with a little bit of technological magic! Chore charts now regenerate each week, change to fit your goals with a simple gesture, and delight kids with sounds and animations.


Chore Chart

A Chore Chart in Chore Pad is customizable to your child's liking, active and engaging! Your child can check off chores throughout the week and see a tally of their completed chores as well as stars that they've earned.


Payout Rewards

Kids thrive on a sense of accomplishment. What better way than to provide rewards, defined by you, for timely completion of a job well done? When a child has accumulated enough stars, they can payout a reward!


Chore Chart Themes

Each chore chart can be customized with one of 12 different themes, all free, all included with Chore Pad. Kids love the chance to express themselves and make their charts feel like their own.



Kids can earn trophies as achievements for completing their chores. Over time, as chores are completed, Chore Pad automatically delivers trophies to kids. Collect all eight!


Star Modifier

When chores are particularly well done (or maybe rushed through too quickly), you may want to give out bonus stars (or take away stars earned). Star modifiers provide you with that flexibility.


Reorder Chores

Change the order of chores in each child's chore chart at any time with a simple drag and drop gesture. The dragging grip is only available when reordering mode is activated, so you don't need to worry about accidental moves.



Start Screen

Whether you are using Chore Pad at home, for the classroom or office you will love the ease of changing users from the start screen. Users can access their chart with a single tap on their card. 

 The padlock is in the locked position in this view. You can choose to set a pass code in settings to keep unwanted fingers from opening this and changing important information.

 Interested in viewing how everyone is doing with their chores? Click the card icon on the top right of the screen and all the cards will flip over, here you can tap each card individually to see states from weeks prior as well. When done tap the card icon on the top right again and the cards will flip back over.