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Learn how to setup Chore Pad to work with your family.

Setting up your Chore Charts

To set up chores, open Parent Mode by tapping the padlock icon. From here you can create and assign chores, create rewards, set up syncing and more. Here's how to get going with chores!

Adding Chores 

Begin by adding template chores in the Chore Chest. Template chores help avoid the need to enter all the details of a chore multiple times for each child. You'll see how to modify template chores per-child in the next section.

  1. Tap the Chore Chest icon (the icon with the chest and the check mark).
  2. You will be in the Create tab of the Chore Chest.
  3. Tap the Create button at the top left to add a chore.
  4. Enter a name for the chore and tap Save.
  5. Tap the empty space next to the chore name to add an icon.
  6. Tap the days of the week to set which days the chore should be completed on.
  7. Tap the repeat interval to choose weekly, every other week, etc.
  8. Repeat these steps for each chore you'd like to add.

Assigning Chores

Now that you have chores set up, you can assign them to your children (you'll have to create a user for each child first).

  1. Tap the Chore Chest icon (the icon with the chest and the check mark).
  2. Tap the Assign tab at the bottom of the Chore Chest.
  3. Tap the Select button at the top and pick a child to assign chores to.
  4. Tap the circle to the left of a chore to assign the chore to the selected child.
  5. Tap the chore cells to change any of the chore's values including the icon, star value, weekdays and interval. This will not affect the chore template (in the Create tab). Instead, a copy of the chore will be created automatically for the selected user.

Once you're done assigning chores, exit Parent Mode by tapping the padlock, then tap a child's card to open the Chore Chart and begin completing chores!


  • If you make changes to a template chore that has been assigned to users, Chore Pad will ask if you'd like to make those changes to all assigned chores that were created from the template. This way you can change the star value (for example) for "Make Bed" for all of your kids at once, even after you've assigned the chore.
  • When you set a weekly repeat interval, the starting day for the chore is Sunday on the week that you assigned the chore. If you'd like to have your children alternate chores every other week (or every third week, etc.), select the interval, then when a child's week arrives assign the chore to them. You'll only need to do this once, and Chore Pad will automatically alternate from that point forward.