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Chore Pad Support

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Parent Mode Features

Question: How can I passcode protect access to Parent Mode?

To enable passcode protection:

  1. Tap the padlock to activate Parent Mode.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the toolbar.
  3. Tap the Parent Mode Protection toggle.
  4. Enter a passcode.

You'll now be prompted for the passcode each time you tap the padlock to open Parent Mode. Please note that you can reset your passcode by entering the Settings app in your device, finding Chore Pad in the list, and enabling the Reset Passcode toggle.

Question: How can I reset my passcode?

To reset your passcode:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll to Chore Pad and tap the row.
  3. Tap the Reset Passcode toggle to enable it.

The next time you launch Chore Pad, your passcode will be cleared so you can enter Parent Mode and set up a new one.

Question: How do I add icons to chores and rewards?

When setting up a chore or reward, you can tap the empty Icon Box to the right of the chore or reward name (iPad) or tap the "Icon" segment in the control beneath the list of chores or rewards to reveal the empty Icon Box and tap it (iPhone).

When tapping the Icon Box for a chore, you'll be presented with the option to add a Stock Icon or a Custom Icon from your photo album. For rewards, you can currently only select custom icons.

For more information on how to add a chore click here

Question: How can I edit a chore that I've assigned to a child?

Assigned chores can be edited in the Assign tab of the Chore Chest, which you can find by opening Parent Mode and tapping the Chore Chest icon. The Assign tab is located at the bottom of the screen.

From within the Assign screen, you can select a child and assign, un-assign or edit any assigned chores. Editing an assigned chore will not affect assigned chores for other children.

Please note that if you make changes to a Template Chore (in the Create tab), you'll be asked whether you'd like to copy those changes to any children that have that chore already assigned.

Question: Where can I see the history of all payouts for a child?

Enter Parent Mode, tap the Reward Chest icon and then tap the History tab at the bottom of the screen. From here, select the user you'd like to see payout history for and you will see all payouts for that user, ordered with the most recent payouts at the top.

Question: I accidentally paid out a reward. How can I get the stars back?

Enter Parent Mode, tap the Reward Chest icon and then tap the History tab at the bottom of the screen. From here, select the user you'd like to return stars to and find the entry for the payout that should be undo. Swipe the cell to the left to reveal the Delete button, and tap Delete to confirm.

The stars for the payout (at the value of the original payout) will be returned to the user's star total.

Question: How do I delete a reward?

Enter Parent Mode, tap the Reward Chest icon and make sure you're on the Create tab at the bottom of the screen. Swipe left on the reward you'd like to delete and tap the Delete button that appears.

Question: How do I delete a chore?

Enter Parent Mode, tap the Chore Chest icon and then either tap the Create tab or the Assign tab depending on whether you'd like to delete a chore or un-assign a chore.

To delete a chore from the Create tab, swipe to the left and confirm. To un-assign a chore from within the Assign tab, tap the green button next to the chore name.

Please note that deleting a chore from the Create tab will not affect any chores assigned to users. You will need to un-assign a chore to remove it from a user's chore chart. 

Question: How can I set up a chore to alternate between kids each week?

When you set up a chore that repeats every other week, the starting week for that chore is the week in which you assign it to a user.

To set up chores to alternate each week for two children, you can assign the chore to the first child, then after a week has passed (Sunday has come around), assign the chore to the second child.

You can follow similar steps for three children and chores that repeat every three weeks, and so on.


Child Mode Features

Question: My child does not seem to earn any stars when completing a chore. What's going on?

It's possible that you created a Template Chore with a 0 star value, then assigned that chore to a child, then later changed the Template Chore's star value.

When you change a Template Chore that has been assigned to users already, you'll be asked if you'd like to copy those changes to all of the assigned chores as well. If you choose No, then chores that are already assigned to children will not be affected by the update.

To check, open Parent Mode, then open the Chore Chest and tap Assign. Choose your child and check the star value for the chore you are having trouble with. If the value is 0, then you can tap it and change it here.

Question: Can I rearrange chores in a chore chart?

Yes! Open a chore chart and then expand the drawer (tap the drawer grip under the user's name in the title area). Tap the up/down arrows to reveal the grip bar next to each row and then simply drag and drop to re-order the chores.

Question: Is there a way to reset the trophy collection?

Trophies are given based on total checkmarks completed, and there is currently no way to reset checkmarks for a user. We're considering ways to support resetting of trophies without the need to clear out a user's checkmark tally for a future revision.

Question: Can I reset the star or checkmark count for a child?

There is currently no way to reset the checkmark or star count for a user. You can issue a payout of arbitrary size to remove stars from a user account, and uncheck chores to remove checkmarks. We're considering way to allow parents to manually change the star and checkmark totals for a user in a future revision.

Syncing Questions

Question: How can I install Chore Pad on multiple devices?

To install Chore Pad on multiple devices, we recommend setting up Apple Family Sharing. You'll be able to share Chore Pad (and other apps that have added support) with up to five additional devices at no additional cost.

Alternatively, you can log into the App Store on each device with the iTunes account you used to purchase Chore Pad, then install it free of charge.

Question: How can I setup syncing with a Dropbox account?

Chore Pad syncing works with a free (new or existing) Dropbox account. To set up syncing, you'll need to install Chore Pad on each device you'd like to sync with (see previous question), then link each Chore Pad installation with your Dropbox account.

To link Dropbox with Chore Pad:

  1. Open Chore Pad.
  2. Enter Parent Mode by tapping the padlock.
  3. Tap the Sync icon at the bottom.
  4. Tap the chain link icon in the Sync panel.
  5. Enter your Dropbox credentials.
  6. Tap the sync button to perform the initial sync.
  7. Repeat these steps for each Chore Pad installation. Be sure to use the same Dropbox credentials for each.

Chore Pad will automatically sync with Dropbox each time it is opened or closed. Please keep in mind this means that data isn't shared directly between Chore Pad installations. Instead, changes made in Chore Pad are merged together with the latest copy of your data in Dropbox, then sent back up so other devices can repeat the process.

Chore Pad uses a robust merging and syncing process, so you can make changes concurrently on multiple devices and not worry about changes being lost. Timestamps are used to automatically resolve conflicts.

Question: When does Chore Pad sync with Dropbox?

Chore Pad determines whether data needs to be synchronized each time you open or close the app. Please note that this only occurs if you have Auto Sync enabled in the Settings panel, found within Parent Mode. Otherwise, a sync will only occur when you trigger it manually by tapping the sync button in the Sync panel.

Question: Why is Chore Pad telling me I need to resolve conflicts during a sync?

If you're syncing a Chore Pad installation that already has users in it with a Dropbox account that already has data from another Chore Pad installation in it, you may run into conflicts during the initial sync.

For any users that exist in both places, Chore Pad has no way to determine which to keep. You'll be shown the star and checkmark counts for each conflicting user so you can choose which one is correct and the sync operation will continue.

Question: Why is Chore Pad telling me it can't sync due to another device syncing?

In order to protect the integrity of your data, Chore Pad allows only a single device to synchronize data with your Dropbox account at a time (through Chore Pad -- other applications and uses of your Dropbox account are not affected in any way by Chore Pad).

If you attempt to sync while another device is currently synchronizing, Chore Pad will let you know it can't proceed and to wait a few minutes for the process to complete on the other device.

Please note that Chore Pad places a temporary lock file (a file to indicate that other devices should not sync) in the relevant location in your Dropbox account during a sync operation. If you forcibly close Chore Pad or reboot your device during a sync operation, you'll need to wait a few minutes for this lock file to expire before trying again.


General Questions

Question: Do you collect any personal information about me or my child?

We do not collect any personal information from children under 13. We fully support the goals set forth by COPPA and take privacy concerns seriously. Please consult our Privacy Policy for more information and contact us if you have any further questions.

Question: Do you offer institutional discounts for my school?

Yes! We are proud participants in Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Education.

Question: Is Chore Pad available on Android?

No, we don't have an Android app. We are looking into offering an Android version in the future.

Question: Is Chore Pad available on the Mac?

There is no dedicated Mac OS X client for Chore Pad.  We are looking into offering this in the future.


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